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(Stories Sites (Including fanfics))
(Stories Sites (Including fanfics))
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[http://www.literotica.com/ Literotica] It's an Erotic stories site. Some good, some abysmal.  
[http://www.literotica.com/ Literotica] It's an Erotic stories site. Some good, some abysmal.  
[www.datapacrat.com/www.wulfarchives.com/| The Wulf Archives] Erotic Fantasy stories about a guy named Wulf mainly.  Well written stuff with a very good plotline.
[http://www.datapacrat.com/www.wulfarchives.com/| The Wulf Archives] Erotic Fantasy stories about a guy named Wulf mainly.  Well written stuff with a very good plotline.
== Webcomics ==
== Webcomics ==

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Here we shall have a list of websites that may be of interest to the H3S and friends. As Annalist I am holding the following guidelines:

  • No Porn (Erotic story/art sites are okay on a case by case)
  • No Warez (Including PtP sites, MP3 piracy sites, etc...)
  • Nothing Illegal (If it violates a US law, it's a nono)

Other Three Skulls Sites

3Skulls Yahoo Group Official discussion list, also known as the one-list

Official Household Swag Your place for House Three Skulls tee-shirts, mugs, hats, underwear, ect.

3Skulls LJ The Official House THree Skulls LJ community.

SCA Related Links

SCA Homepage Main Society for Creative Anachronism site

Eastkingdom Homepage The Kingdom which barely can contain House Three Skulls.

East Kingdom Rapier Rules For all your SCA stabbing needs.

East Kingdom Heavy List Rules For all your SCA bludgeoning needs.

Barony of An Dubhaigeainn Homepage The Home Barony of House Three Skulls.

Crown Province of Ostgardr Homepage The Province that we'd need to conquer first should we wish to expand our borders.

Cunnan Wiki The unofficial SCA wikipedia. Packed full of useful information.

Tin Hats Primer Has a nifty quick reference guide to SCA titlage.

SCA Approved Titles A list of SCA approved titles in various languages.

Pennsic War If anyplace is the households home away from home, it's here. For 2 weeks every year Pennsic plays host to upwards of 50 household members.

Armour and Weapons Related Links

Heavy List/Rattan Combat Gear

The Armour Archive Need information on period armour? This site has it most likely.

Ashcraft Baker Armory Ashcraft Baker is an inexpensive alternative for helms. They are well made, and ugly as sin. Start with an A/B helm if you are tenative about continuing with fighting and then plan to replace it later when you know more of what you want. Their hilts for swords and shields are well priced and will hold up. The trouble with their sword baskets is that they use the little tabs that you put hose clamps on, which fail pretty often.

IronMonger Armoury Need a helm? Need it custom made/custom fit? Go here. Seriously, the helms are relatively inexpensive but high quality and depending on your budget you can get whatever you want. Most of the helms that are in use by H3S are from Eric at Ironmonger. He's starting to know our Household name and it's where we take folks at Pennsic to shop for helms. Buy Ironmonger over A/B if you know what style you want and can afford to spend a bit more for it.

Plastic Lamellar Need pre-moulded, pre-drilled lames for lamellar armour? Here you go! This is where the majority of the Household has purchased their lamellar plates. Most of us fight in this. It takes about 8-10 hours to totally string up body armor with skirting from here. It's comfortable, washable, low maintenance gear and has been approved as meeting the appearance standards for the East Kingdom.

Dark Victory Armory For those who need plate armour, but want plastic instead of metal. A lot of people start with armor from here and then part it out over time. Solid stuff that protects well with just a little padding. Even if you get plastic lamellar body armor, this is a pretty good place to look for arms and legs and gorgets. Their demi-gauntlets are the most flexible and comfortable I've found.

Bokalo's Armoury Bokalo's makes great aluminum armor. Their cops are great if you want or can build your own arms and legs. Their gorgets are really snazzy, too. Turnaround is good and the owner is a reliable, decent person.

HH Perkins This is where we usually get rattan from. It's better to get together with a few other fighters and do a group order to save on the shipping.

Rapier Gear

Darkwood Armoury For higher end fencing equipment. Extremely high quality, but you'll pay for it. Recommended for those who are more than the casual fencer. Rapiers, side-swords, daggers, and some other custom equipment.

Zen Warrior Armoury A sub-branch of Triplette Competition Arms. Decent lower-mid range fencing gear. From foils/epees to Schlagers and protective gear (One of the only places to sell Spectra-cloth body guards).

James The Just Higher End Rapiers and Daggers. All custom work, not break the bank expensive like Darkwood but not quite as finely crafted.

Real Weapons

Cold Steel An assorted of very well made personal defense weaponry. highly recommended for those who want high quality, useable weapons.

Fletcher Swords and Scabbards Completely custom combat swords and sheaths. VERY expensive but beautiful.

Art Sites

Michael Manning's Website He's the Annalists favorite artist. Adult themed material mainly.

Stories Sites (Including fanfics)

Literotica It's an Erotic stories site. Some good, some abysmal.

The Wulf Archives Erotic Fantasy stories about a guy named Wulf mainly. Well written stuff with a very good plotline.


Schlock Mercenary If H3S existed as a mercenary brigade in the future, this would be us.


Atomic Rockets This site is bursting with real world science breakdowns of sci-fi topics. Why some are good and why others are simply just garbage. A first stop for sci-fi science related questions.



The above 2 sites are listed together because they are both just sites dedicated to pitting one Sci-Fi/Fantasy group vs. Another. Think StarDestroyer vs. Enterprise

I-CON The northeast's largest convention of science fiction, fact and fantasy held each spring

Ether Emporium For all those who like steampunk.

Steam Fashion LJ Community An LJ community devoted to victorian Sci-Fi and Steampunk.


Double Exposure Dreamation and DexCon conventions

White Wolf White wolf game studios. Why? Because so many of the household have been avid players of their various games over the years.